Things you should stop buying and start making at home

Little things can add up really quick, so here are some recipes for common essentials that you can easily make at home and put the money you would have spent in a jar for a rainy day. 

1) laundry detergent

The price of laundry detergent has been going up for quite some time now and can cost 10-20 dollars for a bottle. You can make your own at home for less than 5 dollars with an easy 3 ingredient recipe. All you need is borax, baking soda, and a grated bar of soap for a dry degernt recipe.

) Neosporin and other antibiotic ointments or salves.

These things can cost more than 10 dollars for a tiny bottle when all you need to make it at home is beeswax and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and all you need to do is melt the beeswax, mix in 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil, pour it in the container you want it in and let it harden back up again until it has a ChapStick like texture and now you have a very effective salve for so much cheaper.
3) Air fresheners

10-20 dollars for a bottle of chemicals when you can make a chemical free, better version at home with distilled water, a spray bottle and 20-30 drops of your favorite smelling essential oil.Another very very simple way to make your house smell citrusy and awesome is by simply boiling orange peels in water on the stove in a simmer or grinding them up in your disposal. 

) disinfecting spray

Easily make your own bottle of disinfecting spray by simply mixing distilled white vinegar with water and orange peels (for good smell). Thus works so well because vinegar is a powerful disinfectant and its SO inexpensive. 
5) garbage disposal cleaner

If you Dont properly clean your garbage disposal it negatively effects the quality of your dishwasher and can make it smell really bad. All you have to do to clean it without a bought product is by pouring about a cup of baking soda in and then about a cup of white vinegar and the reaction foams up and you let it sit like that for about an hour and then run cold water with the disposal. 


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